Cameron BOP Parts

Those working in the gas, petrochemical and oil industries will understand the importance of having access to a range of spare parts that may be needed by a manufacturer. These could be required at both onshore and offshore plants, and sometimes (if not usually) at emergency notice.One type of part commonly required by a firm in such an industry is the blowout preventer. Blowout preventers are regularly known as BOPs by those familiar with the technical terms used in the oil and gas industry (pronounced letter for letter, not phonetically as 'bop'). One brand of blowout preventer is 'Cameron'; Cameron BOP parts are used by many manufacturers.

For the majority of us who don't know what a BOP is, it is a massive valve used in oil and gas wells to monitor, control and seal them. They are designed to withstand high amounts of pressure without becoming deformed or cracking. Something else they must be able to contend with is the uncontrolled flow that is often present when drilling is taking place. If the flow were to result in a 'kick', a blowout would occur. Hence the term 'blowout preventer': BOPs are there to prevent an accident like this taking place. They are also relied upon to stop smaller pipe work, tools or drilling fluid being blown out of the wellbore (the well leading to the nearby reservoir). As BOPs are often located in the most vulnerable places in a plant or reactor, it is essential they are free of any faults; the quality of a BOP must be checked carefully before it is installed.

It is essential that blowout preventers are fail-safe, as there functioning is detrimental to the safety of any personnel working on or around the said oil rig. This is particularly the case when the plant is offshore; workers are more likely to be within close proximity of the wellbore. BOPs are also key to maintaining the state of the rig or oil station - if one were to fail, and a blowout was caused, the whole infrastructure would be at risk of collapsing or exploding. They are essential to the safety of the environment, as if the rig were to suffer a blowout, it would probably leak oil into the surrounding waters. In addition to this, high air pollution would be caused, which would be harmful to both the local area and the world as a whole.

Titan Oil Tools is a supplier of high quality Cameron BOP parts, as well as a number of other essential rig components. All the parts it supplies (at emergency notice) are made in the US, and are API and ISO certified. The company's main goal is to ensure manufacturers have easy access to emergency parts that are of a high quality standard. They also strive to maintain low prices, for optimal value. In a market where errors are not acceptable, Titan Oil Tools sets the bar high for supplying products that have only a minuscule probability of failing.