'F' Type Cup Testers

Cup_Testers.jpgTitan Oil Tools "F" type cup tester assemblies are designed to be attached to the drill string and then lowered into the casing beneath the wellhead to pressure test the blowout preventer stack and the wellhead. When the F type cup tester is lowered into the casing beneath the wellhead, pressure is applied to either a test pump, or by hoisting the "F" type cup after filling the hookup with water. The latter method is fast and accurate.
The cup tester assemblies are rated to the API standard mill test pressure for casing sizes up to 10,000 psi. Special reinforcing can be offered on all cup sizes and casing weight ranges to hold up to 15,000 psi. Titan Oil Tools has the sizes, pressure ratings and
connections for every single one of your jobs.
Titan Oil Tools cup tester assemblies come standard with internal flush (IF) connections. Other connections are available at an additional cost. When ordering please specify (1) the casing size & weight per foot or (2) the part number or (3) the OD, ID, and drift diameter.
Anytime the "F" type cup tester is used; care should be taken to ensure that the drill pipes load capacity is not exceeded. This can be checked by adding the weight of the suspended pipe to the vertical load due to pressure. To find this multiply the cup pressure area (IN.2) by the pressure. The table below shows the total load capacity for each size tester.

* Threads per API Standard 7, box up / pin down.
** Total load capacity equals cup pressure area (IN.2) times test pressure, plus weight of suspended pipe.

NOTE: Only the most popular sizes are shown above. Please contact Titan Oil Tools for additional sizes, pricing and availability.


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