Nylon Rod Guides

Nylon-Rod-Guides.jpgReduce rod wear, tubing wear, and lifting costs with Titan Oil Tools Nylon Rod Guides. They reduce rod wear and tubing wear by acting as wear resistant bushings that space the rod couplings away from the tubing bore. They reduce lifting costs by helping the rods fall straight without buckling for a longer straight, buckling, pumping stroke.
In the field, installing our Nylon Guides on the rod is easy. Their diagonal slots slip over the rod, then snap into place using a 24" (IN.) pipe wrench. The open jaws of the pipe wrench will span opposite ends of a guide and leverage on the wrench handle will snap the Guide on to the rod.
Titan Oil Tools Rod Guides have more wear surface and last longer than most competitors in the industry Our quality assurance program ensures reliabilty and integrity on all of our Rod Guids.

Part Numbers & Information
SPECIAL NOTE: In cold weather our nylon guides can be warmed in boiling water to make them more pliable. When installing guides in older wells, it is suggested to insert a pony rod below the lowest guide to raise all couplings and guides above any worn spots in the tubing.


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